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Asia Pacific paper Xinhui will invest another $99million to build the third phase of household paper project

Asia Pacific Guangdong Paper Group will build the third phase of household paper project in Xinhui District, with an investment of $99million. Its parent company, Singapore Golden Eagle Group, will invest more than 12billion yuan in Xinhui

at the 2013 Guangdong Hong Kong economic, technological and trade cooperation and exchange meeting held last week, Asia Pacific Guangdong Paper Group came to the stage to sign a contract. They plan to adopt higher environmental protection standards to invest in the development of the third phase of the project: the construction of an integrated production line with an annual output of 500000 tons will be started in 2015. Then how to solve these failures is the key to the production line of high-grade packaging paperboard and the project of all wood pulp high-quality household paper. It is understood that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the total investment of Asia Pacific paper industry in Xinhui base will exceed 12billion yuan. Among the biodegradable high molecular materials used in clinic, the actual investment of the Asia Pacific phase II project will exceed 2.7 billion yuan. After the phase II project is put into operation in 2014, the annual total output value will be as high as 8 billion yuan, the annual tax payment will be nearly 500 million yuan, and about 3000 jobs will be brought

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