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The transformation of new and old kinetic energy leads to the efficient and high-quality development of Zouping County's high-end aluminum industry cluster

as an important component of Zouping County's industrial economic sector, Zouping County's aluminum related industry takes the pulse of quasi Industrial Development on the original basis, makes every effort to open up the upstream and downstream industrial chain, and opens up new businesses such as aluminum deep processing and aluminum furniture, It is gradually becoming a dynamic element to undertake the continuous transformation of old and new kinetic energy

recently, in the workshop of Shandong Wantong metal Technology Co., Ltd. in Weiqiao aluminum deep processing Industrial Park, Changshan Town, workers are installing production equipment. The enterprise's annual output of 300000 tons of high-grade color coated curtain wall panels project has introduced world advanced technology and automated production lines, mainly producing all kinds of high-grade color aluminum and curtain wall imitation stone and imitation wood grain coating panels. The products are widely used in architectural decoration, lamp lighting Household appliances and other industries

Qin Shouyu, executive general manager of Zouping branch of Shandong Wantong metal Technology Co., Ltd.

after the Spring Festival, some major equipment will be installed and debugged in the degradation field caused by oxidation. In the first half of 2018, major equipment will be put into production in succession. It is planned that most of the major equipment will be put into production by the end of 2018

according to the development plan of the park, Weiqiao aluminum deep processing industrial park will build a "1461" industrial system. That is, under the guidance of Weiqiao entrepreneurship, we will spare no efforts to build four industrial chains, including aluminum profiles for construction and industry, aluminum plates and foils, cast parts for automobiles and consumer goods, and electronic aluminum foils. We will focus on cultivating six deep-processing aluminum plates in the fields of construction, transportation, electronics, packaging, electrical appliances, and consumer goods, and improve a number of horizontal supporting industries, such as modern aluminum logistics, extrusion molds, and machinery manufacturing

Zouping branch of Shandong Wantong metal Technology Co., Ltd. often opens the oil return valve unloading business general manager Qin Shouyu

the aluminum processing industry is also a sunrise industry, and aluminum products are also green products. Among metal products, it has a specific green product feature. At present, the application of aluminum products is also expanding, so we are full of confidence in the future market, The market prospect of deep processed products will be very broad in the future

the construction of Weiqiao aluminum deep processing Industrial Park sounded the call of Zouping County to accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, improve quality and efficiency, and all parts of Zouping County also actively followed up and sought breakthroughs. Haosheng Street relies on the home manufacturing industry foundation and Zouping County as the aluminum raw material base to vigorously develop the aluminum home industry. At present, the production of Easter and Fanglin all aluminum household appliances has begun to take shape

sun Zhaohai, director of the production plant of Haosheng Street Fanglin all aluminum home furnishing Co., Ltd.

the company has begun to take shape since July (2017), so the precision has been officially put into production. The production is dominated by orders, facing organs and the masses, all of which belong to the furniture industry and office industry. Our company has all received orders, and has formed a formal scale, No matter which aspect, our company can fully undertake the order task in this aspect

after seeing the successful pilot of these enterprises, many individual wooden furniture businesses in Haosheng street also began to explore the road of transformation. At present, the transformation enterprises represented by jinrundong aluminum furniture are also rising strongly

Lu Dong, general manager of Haosheng street jinrundong aluminum furniture

in the spring of 2017, I followed the leaders of the sub district office to Guangdong for an investigation and visit. After returning, several enterprises have also done well. I am not only engaged in wooden furniture, but also began to transform after watching them do well. I have many customers myself. I send them tea tables and TV cabinets as soon as I make them, and sell them well one after another

giving full play to the advantageous role of the aluminum industry of Weiqiao entrepreneurial group in the development of the industry, Zouping County is accelerating the extension of the aluminum industry chain, structural optimization, innovation and upgrading, and the aluminum industry has become an important growth pole leading the development of the whole county

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