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Paperless society is still "too early"

for nearly half a century, predictions about paperless society have been rampant, because people firmly believe that due to technological progress, people will not need to use the old method of keeping records on powdered cellulose. It is undeniable that earth shaking changes have taken place in the field of technology, and such changes are everywhere

the Los Angeles Times website pointed out on December 8 that technological changes have undoubtedly caused losses to the pulp and paper industry, especially paper production. Paper production has been particularly affected. From 2000 to 2010, due to the loss of print readers, about 120 paper mills in the United States and Canada closed, causing 240000 people to lose their jobs. This figure accounts for about one third of the labor force in the paper industry. At the same time, the publishing industry has been betting on both sides: many new books have been published both in the printed version of words and deeds and in the electronic version of this pair of recycled plastic granulator equipment manufacturers

it is reported that all these do not mean that a paperless society is coming. An association of paper historians headquartered in Britain estimates that there are as many as 20000 uses of paper in the world. Grantfield company in Pennsylvania is a traditional paper company, which repositioned 15 years ago and focused on developing niche markets (referring to specialized segments or niche markets). According to its own estimation, the paper it manufactures is currently used to produce 1000 different commercial products, including American stamps, CHUANNING tea bags, Herman greeting cards, bicycle poker, Carlsberg and Heineken beer labels

last year, the net sales of gratfeldt increased to $1.6 billion from $579 million in 2000. This figure is impressive, but it is still dwarfed by the $27.8 billion sales of international paper company in 2012. The world's largest paper company had sales of $26billion in 2011

in Franklin, Virginia, a paper mill has switched to producing fluff pulp for disposable diapers, paper towels and women's hygiene products. The sales of this kind of products are very popular

it is reported that the output of paper and cardboard in the world in 2011 was about 400 million tons, and the consumption of China, the United States and Japan exceeded half of them

people once believed that paper would become obsolete due to the advent of e-mail, electronic data storage technology and interconnection. But here is a persuasive statistic: according to information trend consulting, 122 billion pieces of paper were used by local, state and federal government offices in the United States in 2011, equivalent to an average of about 400 pieces of paper per American

this is only the paper consumption of U.S. government agencies. According to the report released by International Data Corporation in July this year, digital hard copy devices around the world directly release energy to runners. The output in 2012 reached 2.98 trillion pages, slightly lower than that in 2011, but it is still enough to cover 237 times in New York City. According to the American forestry and Paper Association, the average American uses more than 748 pounds of paper every year

facts may prove that the 21st century is a digital century, but it may be too early to write obituaries for paper

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