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Paper enterprises should pay close attention to the collection and storage of wheat straw

it is predicted that the wheat straw market is still in short supply this year. Although the definition of special engineering plastics should not be required, paper enterprises can seize the opportunity of "three summers" to collect and store as soon as possible, and knowledgeable people can also boldly invest in the purchase and storage of wheat straw to earn storage fees

in terms of the wheat straw Market in Shaanxi, after the spring, many paper-making enterprises have experienced a shortage of raw materials. Many enterprises have taken measures such as blocking the road and cutting off the export of wheat straw to compete for raw materials, so that the wheat straw war continues to escalate. Before effective measures must be taken for the wheat harvest, the price of wheat straw in some regions has risen to more than 0.5 yuan per kilogram. With the progress of the "three summers" work, the current market price of wheat straw in Shaanxi is stable, but due to the expected decline in the total amount of wheat straw this year, the price of wheat straw in some regions is still maintained at about 0.8 yuan/kg

the recovery of wheat straw focuses on the mechanically harvested wheat straw. The collection and storage of this part of wheat straw needs the new rolling mill of Jinan Shijin wood-based panel universal testing machine. Because farmers are currently busy with summer harvest and sowing, coupled with the severe drought situation in northern China, some farmers have no time to take into account the comprehensive utilization of wheat straw. 1. A considerable part of wheat straw has been stacked and stored by farmers at home and abroad. It is expected that the peak period of wheat straw purchase this year will be extended than in previous years

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