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Papermaking waste liquid becomes environmental friendly and energy-saving raw materials, which are widely used in many fields

papermaking waste liquid becomes new materials for environmental protection and energy saving after proper reaction. On the 20th, I came to Wentian Industrial Park, Xiadao Town, Yanping District, Nanping, Fujian, and saw the magic of turning industrial wastewater into environmental friendly raw materials in Fujian Tianhua biomass materials Co., Ltd

Tianhua company, which was put into operation at the end of last year, takes the paper waste liquid of these four stages as raw materials. The lignin products produced are widely used in large-scale engineering, high-speed rail, water conservancy, highways, thermal power generation, printing and dyeing, agriculture and other fields. It is estimated that 80000 tons of waste liquid will be consumed annually, and the output will reach 45000 tons. It is reported that the lignin application project is one of the seven emerging industries in the country, and it is also the key project of enterprise technological innovation in Nanping in 2010. Compared with traditional materials,

4 is to solve the development problems of different kinds of materials by classification.

it is noted that there are dozens of huge cylindrical reaction tanks in the production workshop. We put the waste paper-making liquid into a container, add some substances for reaction, and the finished product is after drying. Yang Xun, the office director of Tianhua company, told us that only the water in the waste liquid would volatilize in the whole process, while all other substances were used for the processing of lignin products. Among them, sodium lignosulfonate water reducer has obtained the national invention patent. When it is used as coal water slurry additive, it can ensure the full combustion of coal. In addition, through technological reform, they have also solved the problem of the stink of papermaking waste liquid in the production process

at present, the production raw materials used by the company are from Fujian Nanping Paper Co., Ltd. The company is still in the second and third phase of project construction. Yang Xun told that after all the projects are completed, the company can consume all the waste paper-making liquid from the cutting position and direction of the 2-sample billets produced in the production process of Nanping Paper

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