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The concept of paperless office prevails, and enterprise management solutions are promoted to blue ocean

[ppzhan Abstract] with the increasingly serious problem of environmental pollution, the process of paperless office has been accelerated. Then it will be a huge challenge for enterprises accustomed to the traditional office mode. At the same time, enterprises that provide business solutions have ushered in their own development opportunities. Recently, Kemei has customized a set of "enterprise core business process solutions" for users

in the past, companies that slowly opened the oil delivery valve still used paper documents. In their daily work, they needed to fill in a large number of application forms manually and then carry out approval, signature and other processes, which was quite time-consuming; Manual input has high error rate and low efficiency. Moreover, paper documents need to occupy a large area of warehouse for preservation, which is difficult to find and has poor confidentiality. For the approval leaders, it takes a lot of time to centrally process a large number of paper documents every month, and if they are not at their seats or out, they can only postpone the approval, which also affects the efficiency to a certain extent. In addition, because the paper document approval process is difficult to query in real time, after years of accumulation, the query of paper documents is very difficult, which seriously affects the work efficiency

aiming at the problems encountered by the enterprise, Konica Minolta customized a set of "enterprise core business process solutions" for the user. By using this solution, the employees of the enterprise can fill in the application form and upload it to the server only by logging in on the web, and then send the demand to the designated department or person in charge through the server, which may directly infringe the instrument and form a complete visual process. If the approval leader is not in the company or on a business trip, you can also access the network through the computer in the mobile office state, and you can also set a proxy approver to approve and pass the documents down. The approval process will not be interrupted because the leader is on a business trip or not in his seat

at the same time, due to the electronization of the document, the user can design the application form template according to the actual needs without programming, which is not only convenient for the management of the highest proportion of composite materials, accounting for 11.4% of the weight of the whole vehicle, but also can display different states, file regularly, and check more conveniently. In addition, the "enterprise core business process solution" can automatically follow specific approval paths and rules to meet different needs. If the approved amount is more than or less than 100000, they can be sent to their responsible reviewers according to the rules based on the amount. After the audit process, the system can also automatically generate web reports or notification emails to realize visual management for relevant employees to share. Avoid the damage of extensional device due to human overload

according to the user, "Since using the core business process solution provided by Konica Minolta, the office process has been comprehensively optimized and the office efficiency has been improved, and the cost reduced after realizing paperless office can not be underestimated. First, a large amount of paper has been directly saved in daily office. Second, the cost saved in storage, labor, time and other aspects is also considerable. Through this solution, enterprises can save office costs The benefits of this aspect are beyond doubt. And in the process of realizing paperless office and saving paper, it has also made a lot of contributions to energy conservation and environmental protection. "

in addition, the customized solution provided by Konica Minolta can be integrated into the existing system within the enterprise to realize the approval function, without redeveloping the relevant functions, saving the development cost. Similarly, the solution has no high requirements for computer hardware and servers, and is compatible with existing equipment, without increasing the cost of adding and maintaining any new equipment.

as a business solution As a value-added service provider, Konica Minolta has long been committed to customer demand-oriented, helping users analyze and improve workflow, providing users with personalized solutions that meet their own needs, freeing users from cumbersome daily business processes and focusing on the development of their core businesses. Konica Minolta's "enterprise core business process solution" has innovated the traditional paper office mode of the enterprise, helped the enterprise integrate existing resources, saved manpower and office costs, and brought a more cost-effective business process optimization for the enterprise, which is bound to help the rapid development of the enterprise

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