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Paperless recorder maintenance knowledge

paperless recorder is at a critical historical turning point. Paperless technologies such as data acquisition system and paperless recorder are challenging the existing data acquisition methods. The recorder for the task can capture and display the process data, and then save it in the electronic record, which can be imported into the PC environment. Relevant batch data information can be saved in a single safety data file, which can be archived and called out as required. Paper recorders cannot match them in accuracy, efficiency and safety

I remember using [paper recorder] in the 1970s and 1980s, using the pneumatic and electric paper recorder produced by the first factory of shangzi instrument. Every day when I go to work, I patrol and check to load the recorder with paper and add red and blue ink. A soft plastic tube is inserted in the ink bottle and connected with the pointer to draw lines. The red and blue on my hand are very uncomfortable. Later, I designed a recording pen containing ink. There are 2, 4 and 6 channels, and the recording paper is archived, and the overall cost is high

1 the LCD back of paperless recorder is bright, but there is no character and curve display

check whether the paperless recorder display cable can be connected normally

2 channels do not count, that is, change the channel signal value, and the channel display value does not change

a use a multimeter to measure whether the signal is normal on the wiring terminal

b check whether the channel module switch and signal type can be set correctly

c open the case and check whether the channel signal cable is connected properly

3 paperless recorder does not work when powered on

paperless recorder maintenance knowledge

in many aspects, paperless recorder is a particularly important instrument, which can input signals, but sometimes there will be some failures. Today we will introduce the relevant knowledge of paperless recorder maintenance

in many industrial sites, paperless recorders need to monitor and record. Instrument input signals, such as flow signal of flowmeter/pressure transmitter, temperature signal of thermal resistance and thermocouple, are processed by high-performance 32-bit ARM microprocessor. On the one hand, they are displayed in various forms on the large LCD screen, On the other hand, the data of these monitoring signals are stored in the large capacity memory chip hidden in the machine, so that the data and graphics can be queried, browsed and printed directly on the recorder. The paperless recorder discards the recording pen and paper used in the traditional paper recorder, improves the quality of the recorder itself, enhances the stability and reliability of the recorder, and more importantly, reduces the operation cost of the recorder. In the process of using, there will still be many problems. When you usually use the paperless recorder, you may have problems with the equipment because of the long use time or our abnormal operation. For this, the instrument world and you discuss. In the following cases, you need to know some basic principles of the paperless recorder. And the following points that should be paid attention to in maintenance:

1. When disassembling and adjusting the instrument, the original position should be recorded for restoration

2. When troubleshooting paperless recorders in a humid environment, it is necessary to use a multimeter to measure whether each point of the printed circuit is unobstructed, because the main fault in this case is copper foil corrosion

3. When repairing the precision paperless recorder, if small parts are accidentally bounced off, magnet scanning and line of sight scanning can be used to find them

4. When using the ohm gear of the multimeter, remember not to measure with electricity

5. When detecting the filter capacitor in the power supply, the positive and negative poles of the electrolytic capacitor should be short circuited first, and do not use the probe wire to discharge the capacitor instead of the wire during the short circuit, because it is easy to burn the core wire. A 220V, 60 ~ 100W lamp with lamp cap lead can be taken and connected to both ends of the capacitor. The bulb will flash at the moment of discharge

6. When repairing the internal circuit of the paperless recorder, if the contact of the installation element and the circuit board are coated with insulating varnish, when measuring the parameters of each point, ordinary hand sewing needles can be used to weld on the probe of the multimeter, so as to pierce the paint layer and measure each point directly, without stripping the paint layer in a large area

7. Do not plug and unplug various control boards and plugs with power. When the content of MoO3 and mo9o26 in the material changes little, plugging in and out the control board will produce a strong induced electromotive force. At this time, the instantaneous counterattack voltage is very high, which is easy to damage the corresponding control board and plug

8. Don't knock and touch blindly during maintenance, so as not to expand the fault, and the more repair, the worse

9. When using logic pen and oscilloscope to detect signals, pay attention not to make the probe contact two measuring pins at the same time to form a short circuit

through the overview of the maintenance knowledge of the paperless recorder, I believe that when we encounter some of the problems mentioned above in the future, even if we are not professional repairmen, we can do a simple maintenance of the equipment

a check whether the wiring of the 220V power terminal of the paperless recorder is correct

b check whether the fuse of paperless recorder can be blown

c unscrew the fixing screw behind the paperless recorder, pull out the watch core from the back, and check whether the cable of the automatic shutdown power board can be plugged in well with the main board.

4 we mainly recommend this cold for you. First, customers should first see what model your hydraulic material testing machine uses, and the channel value of the paperless recorder of the thermal shock testing machine is inaccurate

a check whether the signal type setting is the same as the actual access signal type in the channel parameter setting

b whether the channel module switch setting is the same as the call signal type

c check whether the signal wiring is accurate and whether the signal cables are in good contact

d after confirming that there is no title above, recalibrate the paperless recorder (note that the accuracy of the signal source must be higher than 0.1%). If the calibration of the paperless recorder is abnormal

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