The hottest parallel computing has become a bottle

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Parallel computing has become a bottleneck in the development of PC industry.

after the chip speed increases, the computer slows down? This is a point of view that Chengde zongchi makes high-tech products through industrial flow

for decades, the PC industry has been improving product performance and sales through two major measures. First, chip manufacturers continue to improve the speed of chips; Second, software manufacturers try their best to turn the processing performance of the chip into faster operation and cooler new functions

however, the chip is quite complex, which is essentially different from the previous single core chip, and even software developers are confused. Craig Monday, chief research and strategy officer of Microsoft, said that we have gone through the past technological upgrading, but this will be the most different technological upgrading in the history of modern computing technology

this technology upgrade kicked off four years ago, when Intel and other chip manufacturers realized that the increase of chip clock frequency had reached the limit, so they turned to multi-core technology. However, this change has brought great difficulties to software developers. To make full use of the processing power of multi-core chips, application software needs to divide tasks into multiple parts and run on multiple cores

parallel programming is too complicated for ordinary programmers. Compared with traditional programming methods, parallel programming has changed too much. The computer industry has not yet found a good way to solve this problem in part of promoting the goal of a global green and clean economy. Even multi-core chip developers admit to causing trouble. Sean Maloney, executive vice president of marketing and sales at Intel, said, "he will be quite busy, too. I admit it's a big problem." He said that Intel has recruited a large number of software talents to solve this problem

when running many important application software, the speed of computers equipped with four core chips is not as fast as those purchased three years ago. With the advent of computers with six core chips, the situation will get worse. Customers may have plastic deformation and postpone the purchase of new computers, which will affect the sales of computers

Maloney said that this problem will eventually be solved because the economic benefits involved are too great. Manufacturers that first solve the problem of using the processing power of multi-core chips will gain great competitive advantage

Monday believes that the solution of this problem will become a watershed: a new generation of popular applications will appear in the market, and the computing industry will take a big step forward. But he said, "we are currently in a standstill period, and we don't know how long it will last."

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